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Army of Pie

I am made entirely of delicious cheeses!

Will Robot
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From out of the sun dives the dreaded red baron!

But that has nothing to do with the fleshmachine we like to call home.

Monkeys drive my head and tiny robots serve them!

Fear my loins! KILL! DESTROY! oooh shiny.
abandoned things, adventure, adventures, anger, art supplies, atari, automata, b-movies, bad movies, beer, bees, big boots and gloves, big science, biking, blinky things, cartooning, cheese, circuitry, cold, costuming, cybernetics, cyberpunk, cyborgs, dalek, de profundis, dice, dim sum, disassembling things, discrepancies, don quixote, drawing, electronic music, electronics, entropy, ephemera, fairy armadillos, fear, five star stories, flash gordon, fnord, fonts, free speech, futurism, game design, gameboy, gas masks, gears, ghormenghast, goblins, goggles, golemim, gunhed, horror, industrial, industrial landscapes, laser guns, laser tag, lego, libraries, lovecraft, machines, mail art, making things, max headroom, meat-geysers, mechanical claws, megaman, memnto-mori games, militaria, monsters, moons of mongo, mythology, ninjas, nintendo soundtracks, obsequious peons, obsolescence, old books, onomotopea, os x, perkigoth, pillowtania, pirates, plastic, postapocalyptic fashion, potentiometers, power tools, prosthetics, psychotronic, ranting, ray guns, robots big and small, rockets, roleplaying, russian space movies, sci fi, science, seecolinslash, self-sufficiency, shiny things, slightly outdated gadgets, space invaders, squid, steampunk, strangeness, subversion, surrealism, synthesizers, synthetic hair, takara, tanks, theremin, toasters, tools, transformers, transhumanism, tron, unnatural hair colors, urban fantasy, vintage videogames, vodka, warbots, wargames, wasabi, weird candy, weird hairdos, wings, writing, zombies